5 Tips for Growing Northern Lights Seeds and Its Side-Effects

5 Tips for Growing Northern Lights Seeds and Its Side-Effects

Want to spend your weekend cheered up and sedated with some mild hallucinations? The perfect hash for you is the northern lights. With 900{9fa61876dfa0385c96cbfd65a5f7b7b9b5c758fbe254158fb317dd8927db34ac} indica, it is a naturally relaxing and calming weed with around 18{9fa61876dfa0385c96cbfd65a5f7b7b9b5c758fbe254158fb317dd8927db34ac} THC. The level of THC is responsible for inducing hallucination with 0{9fa61876dfa0385c96cbfd65a5f7b7b9b5c758fbe254158fb317dd8927db34ac} CBD presence.

Regular and continuous use of northern lights seeds can cause a person to be clinically depressed, persistent pain, always being stressed, and losing appetite. The flavor of northern lights seeds is sweet and has a hint of earthy tones with a piney flavor. 

Today we will explain how and where to grow the northern lights seeds along with their medicinal uses. 

1- The best genes

No matter the place you grow the weed, if it is not of the best quality, then the crop yield will always be very low. Since the northern lights seeds have more indica, it is the best weed for a quiet and relaxing time. Many local weed growers have the best genes of northern lights seeds that would give the best results. Also, the professionals at Homegrown Cannabis Co. supply the best strains of northern lights seeds. 

2- Use adequate lights

The biggest challenge faced by growers while growing a weed indoors is the adequate supply of light. A typical marijuana plant requires at least 18-19 hours of light a day. An average of 35 W of LED lights or 140 W for an incandescent light is preferred. For the best and optimum results, studies have proven that if the plant could get 45 W from LED and 180 W from incandescent bulbs, then the plant would give a much higher yield. 

3- Food for the northern lights seeds 

When it is in a vegetative state, all marijuana plants require vast amounts of nitrogen in the soil. It is the primary substance needed by the plant. When the plant enters the flowering stage along with nitrogen. Phosphorus and potassium are most needed. Some people worry that excess nitrogen for the northern lights seeds might put the plant in danger, but that is not the case. 

4- pH balance

The important factor to remember while growing the plants in soil or hydroponics is maintaining the ideal pH balance. The pH balance for northern lights seeds is between 6.2 – 6.7. A typical cannabis plant requires a pH balance between 6 – 7. There are many digital meters available in the market that lets you check the pH balance. Regular checking and maintenance of pH balance are essential for the best yields. 

5- Keeping the plants safe from diseases and insects

If the temperature and the moisture of the room are at optimum levels, there are very few chances of the plant being infected by insects. Although most of the plants have the anti-pest and anti-infection genes, you can still not neglect the plant’s maintenance. The air intake must also be purified. 

Some side-effects of northern lights seeds 

With the indica genetics at 90{9fa61876dfa0385c96cbfd65a5f7b7b9b5c758fbe254158fb317dd8927db34ac}, northern lights seeds do not make the person suspicious or insecure. The common side effects are like the rest of marijuana, which is cottonmouth and dry eyes. But these are very easy to avoid and don’t need any specific action on the part of the user.


The northern lights seeds are one of the best strains used for relaxing and a lovely evening.


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