Free Yourself From Sleep Troubles! 4 Ways To Enhance Your Sleep 

Free Yourself From Sleep Troubles! 4 Ways To Enhance Your Sleep 

No matter how ‘ideal’ your diet or exercise routine is, not having enough sleep can still affect your body’s mood and energy. Sleep disorders are still a common sleep problem. It’s not shocking to see why many are looking for ways ‘how to clear a blocked nose‘, how to get rid of airway blockage, etc. We’ll do everything we can to get that peaceful sleep! Without further ado, here are simple but helpful ways to sleep better!

1. Lessen blue light exposure

Exposure to ‘blue light’ can mess up your circadian rhythm by lowering melatonin hormones (which the pineal gland releases at night to help us to sleep and relax). You’ll hear the ‘common’ advice of every sleep clinic in Singapore to keep off your smartphone and computer/laptop devices before sleeping. Such devices are known to emit a large amount of blue light.

2. Avoid long daytime naps

Long and irregular daytime naps are one of the main culprits of experiencing troublesome sleep at night. However, shorter periods of naps (10-15 mins) or ‘power naps’ are more beneficial for enhancing your cognitive function, alertness and reducing stress.

3. Enhance your bedroom environment

Sleep apnea in Singapore is a common problem. However, most ENT specialists can point out that improving your bedroom environment may help improve your sleep. Your bedroom can make or break your sleep. Because of that, you should check the factors such as temperature, sleeping position, mattress, furniture arrangement, lights, and noise. To improve your bedroom and sleep, ensure that your bedroom environment is quiet, comfortable and relaxing.

4. Avoid eating a lot before going to bed

Eating a lot is another thing to avoid before going to bed. Why is that so? Our muscles and organs (in the digestive system) work instead of resting. Some studies also point out that it can affect the release of melatonin. On the bright side, some suggest that low-carb food can improve your sleep. However, do eat them for hours before going to bed.

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