Know About Zygoma Reduction Plasty

Know About Zygoma Reduction Plasty

Zygoma reduction surgery or cheekbone is a surgery that enhances the facial structure. People who have thick cheekbones or have a squarish look tend to get this surgery done. It gives a smooth structure to the face by reducing the jawbone. Different procedures are used for the Zygoma reduction plasty in Yanhee hospital.

What Happens in Zygoma Reduction?

The surgery is performed to reduce the width of the face around the cheek. There are two ways in which this surgery can be performed – either by cheek shaving or by cheek osteotomies. The doctors make an incision along the hairline or sometimes inside the oral cavity.

Then, a small amount of bone of the cheek is shaved off. In the second procedure, adjustments are made to the frontal cheekbone. The frontal and the lateral cheekbones are fixed with screws and plates to give it a proper structure.

Who Can Get TheCheekbone Surgery Done?

Anyone who is not happy with their cheekbone can get the surgery done. However, you must be healthy. If you have a square cheekbone or thick cheekbone, then this is the surgery that you should be looking for. Also, if you are less than 18 years, then no doctor will do the surgery. To get the surgery done, you need to have a valid reason.

Why Should you get a Cheekbone Surgery?

The surgery is mainly done to get a proportionate appearance. It helps in getting a better appearance and also get a more defined facial contour. With the cheekbone surgery, you can have a well-balanced facial expression. You can get the Zygoma reduction plasty in Yanhee hospital, (ลดโหนกแก้มยันฮี, which is a term in Thai).

Do you Require Anesthesia for the Cheekbone Surgery?

Since incisions and cuts are needed during the surgery, it is necessary to get anesthesia. During the Zygoma reduction plasty, general anesthesia is given to the patient.

What Should you do Before and After the Surgery?

Usually, the doctors ask the patients to avoid intake of food or anything to drink at least 6 hours before the surgery. It is also advised that no medication is taken before the surgery to avoid any reactions or thinning of the blood.

Doctors recommend using facial garment to protect the face and surgical incisions from getting damaged. You should also take proper medication prescribed by your doctor to heal faster. In the initial days, you may have to go on a liquid diet as eating is difficult post-surgery. Also, be prepared for some pain and swelling on the face.


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