Let Your Teeth Talk: Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Consider Damon Braces In Singapore

Let Your Teeth Talk: Here Are 6 Reasons You Should Consider Damon Braces In Singapore

Although dental braces in Singapore cost expensive, these teeth devices are best for helping people with chopper problems. Braces can help straighten their teeth, fix chewing and biting struggles, correct gapped teeth, or change overcrowding. It can improve the overall appearance of your teeth, laugh, and smile. Recently, dental professionals discovered the use of Damon clear braces.

If Damon braces in Singapore struck your curiosity, here is everything you need to know about Damon clear braces.


Many people are considering Damon braces in Singapore because of their quick outcomes. With Damon clear braces, you can achieve excellent teeth results in an instant and finish your teeth-treating service faster than the one- to two-hour procedure of traditional braces.


Because of its precision and effectiveness, the entire process of getting Damon clear braces is more uncomplicated. You no longer need to sit, lie, and open your mouth for an hour or two from the classic systems. Save yourself from the time-consuming process and complex procedures of traditional braces, and opt to have Damon braces in Singapore instead.


Unlike the traditional and ceramic braces in Singapore that require regular follow-ups and orthodontic adjustments, Damon clear braces work more efficiently and effectively. You will not need regular adjustments for the bands and elastic ties and fewer dental appointments.


One of the claims of Damon clear braces is utmost comfort. True to their claims, Damon braces in Singapore have a sliding mechanism, helping align your teeth with less discomfort than traditional ones and creating less friction against the top and bottom teeth.


Because Damon braces in Singapore are very tiny and have fewer parts, they don’t only provide comfort, but are also very easy to keep clean.


Like traditional and ceramic braces in Singapore, Damon clear braces also offer a variety of sorts. While the classic systems have different colours, Damon braces offer various styles, including clear brackets or metal braces.

The primary difference between Damon and traditional braces in Singapore is its teeth system and structure. The latter uses ties, wires, brackets, and elastic bands to keep the teeth in place and align their form. Damon clear braces can offer the best of both worlds, as you can have metal bracing systems or clear brackets, which provide a minimalist aesthetic design.

Do you want to know more about Damon braces in Singapore, including the cost, procedure, and longevity? Talk to My Braces Clinic today! Visit their website to enquire.

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