Types Of Orthodontic Issues And Their Treatments Available In Parramatta

Types Of Orthodontic Issues And Their Treatments Available In Parramatta

A pretty smile can melt thousands of hearts away. Most importantly, it will give you the confidence to smile whenever you feel like. Chipped teeth with a yellow colour coating on top will make you feel embarrassed and you won’t even feel like smiling at all. It is because of your self-confidence level, which is towards the lower level. But with the help of proper Orthodontics in Parramatta treatments, you can get that lost confidence back in no time.

Orthodontics is mainly defined as a dentistry branch, which will currently focus on the teeth and jaw structures of the patients. The main goal is to improve the overall smile. Dental issues like crooked teeth or crowded teeth will cause some serious issues while chewing, smiling and with overall health. On the other hand, misaligned teeth will place that extra pressure on teeth, jaw joints, and gums. It will lead to conditions like severe migraines and TMD. 

While so many adults and children plan to get hands on orthodontic treatment, dental science came up with so many treatments to choose from. The choice that you are going to make will solely depend on the best treatment, matching your needs. Each approach will also have its own beneficial sets to it.

The issues that you might face:

Before you get answers to questions like How Often Should I Go To An Orthodontist After My Orthodontic Treatments, it is better to learn the orthodontic issues that people generally face. Depending on the issue that you are suffering from, the treatments are subject to vary quite a lot.

  • Cross bite is one issue:

Cross bite is mainly described as the patient’s bite which has the upper teeth sitting inside lower teeth whenever the patient closes his mouth. It is also targeted as misaligned teeth. Crossbite can easily cause the teeth to wear down or even chip. It can affect the current cosmetic appearance of teeth and will cause lip pain while biting. 

Any misaligned bite at the mouth’s back will be referred to as posterior crossbite and will cause jaw issues, teeth grinding and any form of abnormal facial development.

  • Crowding is another option:

Crowding seems to be another interesting reason where people will seek out orthodontic care. It will occur whenever there is hard to find extra room in mouth for accommodating all teeth. Crowded teeth have already been proven to be hard to floss and can easily contribute to tooth decay in case they have been not corrected. Expert doctors will always recommend seeing patients with crowding from a tender age. It will ensure that all the teeth erupt in a proper manner without any severe issues later.

  • Now for the spacing:

In case you are suffering from unnatural gaps between teeth, you might be suffering from abnormal tooth spacing. Excessive form of spacing is always problematic as tooth crowding. The common place for such problematic tooth space is right between the front teeth. It can easily happen to any portion of the mouth. 

Excessive form of spacing is not good and you need help from doctors to Restore Your Smile With Orthodontic Treatment. Too much of such spacing will lead to tooth decay and gingivitis, as more gum area will be exposed to bacteria. So, you better watch out for the best help here.

  • Issue with the bites:

Any form of improper bite will always mean that upper and the lower teeth will not meet correctly whenever you bite down. This form of orthodontics in parramatta issue is also targeted as malocclusion. Improper bite can easily affect the facial shape and even your teeth appearance. You will come across various kinds of malocclusion. Open bite will take place when there is an opening between lower and upper teeth while you clench the teeth. Then you have underbite and deep bite as some of the other issues to deal with. 

Now for the types:

Orthodontists are likely to recommend so many orthodontic treatments now. This form of treatment is when the dentist recommends the best treatment depending on the orthodontics in Parramatta issues you are suffering from. It also depends on the problem’s severity level, budget, patient convenience and even the comfort level of it.

Braces are always the most common choices:

Metallic braces, wires or bands or braces are the mainstay when it comes to orthodontic treatment. The doctors will recommend braces for some orthodontic issues or if you are making plans to close gaps or align the teeth in a quick manner. 

  • Nowadays, the market houses some of the high tech braces, which are less noticeable than the metal wires of the past. 
  • Then you have colourful elastic bands too, which will add a level of fun to it. 
  • Even though braces are pretty common among adolescents, you can see adults flaunting the same for correcting their smiles.

The two phase orthodontics:

Two-phase orthodontics is one option for preventing younger patients from receiving any of the severe orthodontic treatment in future. As per the associations, it has been highly recommended an evaluation by the orthodontist whenever the child is around 7 to 8 years of age and might get benefitted from the early phases of such treatments.

  • If you are able to implement the braces when the teeth and jaws are developing, then the orthodontics in parramatta treatment will be easier and also less severe.
  • Phase I will have the expander use along with other dental appliances to create more room in jaw for incoming teeth.
  • It will reduce the need for any jaw surgery or tooth extraction in later life.
  • Phase II will start when most adult teeth have come. This stage involves putting on aligners or braces.

Make sure to catch up with a well-trained dentist for covering such orthodontist based treatments. With years of experience in this field, you can expect the best solutions from the team over here. 


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