Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

Over time and with the consumption of certain foods such as coffee and tea, tobacco use, use of drugs such as antihistamines or blood pressure drugs, damage to the mouth or gums, smoking, lack of dental hygiene and brushing, as well as the effects of increasing your age, the color of your teeth changes and they lose their whiteness and shine. In this case, many people are looking for a way to have white and shiny teeth again. Of course, since birth, the teeth of all people are slightly colored; that is, they are more or less yellow or gray depending on the heredity of each person.

According to a dentist performing whitening in North York from Pearl Dental Group, this color is due to the presence of dentine, which is produced by tooth enamel. Pearl Dental Group is a reputable and well-known dental clinic, as introduced at Dentistrynearme, which has provided the best teeth whitening near Toronto.

Abrasion and loss of tooth enamel with age is one of the convincing reasons for this color change. Eating some foods also causes the teeth to become discolored.

Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Dangerous?

A specialist dentist should do teeth whitening, and people should get advice from specialist doctors before dental procedures. The doctor examines the teeth before performing cosmetic procedures. Continuous teeth whitening may cause damage to tooth enamel and cause some sensitivity in the mouth. If a qualified doctor performs teeth whitening and the instructions are followed correctly, the possibility of some teeth whitening complications will be very rare.

Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

The effect of whitening your teeth depends on the amount of discoloration, sediment on your teeth, and most importantly, the type of your teeth. Therefore, it is not possible to say with certainty the amount of teeth whitening after bleaching. The success rate of this method varies for each person.

People who do this work should be more careful in consuming food and observe oral and dental hygiene more than before. Of course, this method must be repeated several times so that the teeth remain permanently white.

Permanence of Teeth Whitening

No method has 100{4b0d73ef1864fc46486dab8989cbf349e1f22b797d180f77189a67be08131bad} durability, but by taking care after that, you can increase its durability. People who do teeth whitening should follow some tips to make it last longer, such as reducing the consumption of strong tea and coffee, not smoking, and not drinking colored foods or carbonated drinks.

Teeth Whitening with Bonding

Teeth whitening with bonding is a new way to restore beauty to your teeth. In the bonding method, teeth are repaired with composite materials, and it is a suitable way to cover broken or cracked teeth. Bonding does not cause any damage to the teeth, and only some composite material is added to it, thus repairing the defects of the teeth well.

Teeth Whitening with Scaling and Polishing

Polishing is designed to clean teeth thoroughly, which is much more effective than brushing. Not only will your teeth look cleaner, but the entire mouth will be cleaned by it. Dentists use a device called an electric scaler to remove the hardest dental plaque. This vibration works at a very high speed to break up hard material on your teeth, gum line, and between your teeth in hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Your dentist may use different tools to reach different parts of your mouth. In the polishing stage, using a rotating toothbrush and paste, the teeth return to their natural shine.

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