4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Elderly Care Centres

4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Elderly Care Centres

Our elderly loved ones deserve to have the proper care they need. Once someone reaches senior age, it becomes harder to perform simple tasks. That’s why they need the support of people who can attend to them, such as an elderly care centre in Singapore!

Unfortunately, many families might find it hard to set aside time to care for them. Children of elderly parents may have little ones or a profession that makes them unable to look after seniors. Lastly, they may not be equipped to handle the needs of elderly people.

The best solution is to drop them off at a place that makes them feel right at home and also give them the opportunity for specialised medical assistance. For example, relatives with dementia go to a day care centre in Singapore with trained nurses and helpers.

Interested in sending them to a daycare centre? Here are 4 questions you need to consider.

  1. What hours does the daycare centre operate? It’s important to choose an adult daycare centre that is open during the hours that you cannot attend to your loved one.
  2. What kind of activities does the daycare provide? To make sure your loved one will appreciate the care, pick a centre with activities they enjoy. They may appreciate the different activities other centres have to offer.
  3. Do they have specialised care services for those with special needs? Elderly people are more prone to medical issues that can interfere with their daily lives. Why not get long term care in Singapore with professionals who can handle their needs better than you?
  4. How much is the cost of the centre? Adult daycare can get pretty expensive. Check for insurance coverage and other discounts, and remember to compare costs.

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