5 simple ways to take better care of your eyes

5 simple ways to take better care of your eyes

Your eyes are precious and allow you to see and enjoy this beautiful world. Just like your body, your eyes also need to be taken proper care of. Unfortunately, many people ignore their eyes and end up losing sight after a certain age.

5 smart and simple ways to take care of your eyes

Limit exposure to smartphones and computers:

You may be addicted to digital devices like laptops, tablets and cell phones. High energy blue light-waves get emitted from these devices, which over time may damage your eyes. Keep your computer screen at a distance of about 20”- 24” away. Also, adjust the lighting so as to reduce glare. Staring at the screen for a long time will mean you will blink less and it will result in eye strain. Follow the 20/20/20 rule.

Wear safety glasses:

If you are undertaking projects that involve bright light and other harmful aspects, then will be necessary to protect your eyes. You can wear eye protection glasses, irrespective of the project size or nature. It can be even for simple projects like hanging some pictures, etc. A good number of people have experienced on-the-job eye injuries at the workplace or while doing home DIY projects. Wearing protective eyewear will safeguard your eyes and prevent injuries.

Wash hands thoroughly before touching eyes:

If you use contact lens, then it is a crucial step to follow. Use mild soap to wash your hands before touching the eyes. Then use a lint-free towel to dry them. Otherwise, bacteria and germs may enter your eyes through your fingers, thus resulting in eye infections such as pink eye. You may even contract flu viruses and colds.

Apply warm compress to pamper your peepers:

With age, oil glands present within your eyelids are likely to get clogged. They will also not secret oil in sufficient amounts in your tear supply, thus resulting in dry eye. However, your lids can liquefy the oil allowing it to flow freely within your tear supply by placing warm compresses on this region. It is simple to prepare a warm compress. Use warm water to wet a clean cloth and press it softly on your eyelids for about a minute. It will provide a soothing effect on your eyes.

Wear sunglasses to block UVB/UVA light:

Overexposure to bright sunlight is likely to damage your eyesight. You may also develop cornea (keratitis), age-related macular degeneration, cataracts or corneal growths like pingueculae or pterygia.

You should consult a good optometrist if you face severe eye problems.

Jenny Pauli

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