All You Need To Know About Long Head Bicep 

All You Need To Know About Long Head Bicep 

Let’s know the difference between long head vs short head bicep. When someone refers to a bicep as a long bicep or long bicep head, they refer to a long muscle belly with a short tendon where the muscle could extend to the forearm when flexing.

When people refer to a short bicep or a short bicep head, what they are referring to there is a short muscle belly with a long tendon. When you flex the bicep from the front, the bicep looks similar to a heart and has a much better or more pronounced peak than a long bicep. Typically, in that double front bicep, you can see the tendon between the bicep muscle in the forearm in the double front bicep. With the long muscle belly, you can’t see that tendon. Here are some long head bicep exercises which you can try.

Few Exercises For Long-Head Biceps

· Bayesian Curl

The pulley should first be lowered to the base of a cable across the street. Next, move a few steps forward to ensure your arm is pushed behind your body before grabbing the cable with your palm facing the other way. It adds stress to that area of the bicep from that beginning position by removing the slack from the long head.

Keep your elbow fixed in one spot behind your torso as you curl the wire toward your chest. Slowly lower the wires to the beginning position with your elbow kept back, then retrieve for reps, carefully striking both sides for each set.

· Concentration Curl

By once more concentrating on moving your palm over as you curl up, we can make it even more targeted towards the long head. Start by placing a dumbbell between your feet while sitting on a level surface with your legs wide. Pick up the dumbbell and press your inner thigh with the area above your elbow. For support, rest the other hand on the opposite knee.

With your arm hanging directly down and your palms facing up, this will be your beginning position. Start with your pinky first, and curl straight until the dumbbell almost touches your chest. Lower back down while maintaining the hand’s supinated position, then repeat reps.

For a fantastic long head bicep workout, execute three sets of 8–10 repetitions and take a proper diet.

Jenny Pauli

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