AWS – Signs, Diagnosis, Remedy, and Treatment

AWS – Signs, Diagnosis, Remedy, and Treatment

The word ‘alcohol’ brings so many thoughts in our mind. Some people take this word negatively, some take very passionately, and some take it moderately. In the matter of consumption there are some limits according to the doctors, but the passionate people consume with their full heart for a long period of time.  But when it is stopped, so many symptoms appear in human body.

What is AWS?

Excessive consumption of alcohol will make one suffer from various health problems even after the person has stopped consumption of the same. The stoppage of alcohol and the symptoms caused due to that is called Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). Tremors, sweating, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, headache, high heartbeat, insomnia, high blood pressure, confusion are some of the as first signs of alcohol withdrawal, which can appear after 6 hours to 96 hours of last alcohol consumption.

The Difficult Stage

The most severe and dangerous withdrawal syndrome is Delirium Tremens (DT). Fever, hallucination (auditory, visual, tactile), extreme confusion, extreme agitation, excessive sweating, high Blood pressure- all these are symptoms of DT. In these instances, medical emergency is needed.

Diagnosis and Remedy

If a person is having dehydration, hand tremors, irregular heartbeat, fever he/she may ask for toxicology test. At the very beginning, toxins will have to be out from the body, and then any remedy of medication will work. In some cases, psychological counseling is needed.


There is the easiest way to prevent this AWS and that is to drink under control. Excess of everything is bad, always. There is proper scientific portion of alcohol consumption for male and female both. With that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, positive mind set and having good friends can help to lead a moderate life. There are so many rehabilitation centers where these patients can go without any hesitation and lead a healthy life.

Jenny Pauli

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