Finer Solutions in the Tantric Massage Options

Finer Solutions in the Tantric Massage Options

We can also talk about the disorder of the masseuse who can confuse what happens to him during and after the massage with sexual desire, attraction or love for the masseur or masseuse. A true professional will know how to accompany the person being massaged to integrate the awakened desire into their own vivified body; he will know how to accompany him to integrate the attraction and the love thus awakened, in the personal life, freeing himself from dependence and projection towards the masseur or the masseuse.

The Best Choices

How to choose a real qualified, caring and competent professional? Learn about its training, practice, ethical framework, prices, reputation. You can also ask him 1000 questions. Better yet, he already answered all of your questions on his presentation.

Small clues that may catch your attention: a professional who practices at home, who has no professional place, who does not have a real professional website, who does not indicate his real name, who does not charge or not at the right price by asking for cash don’t assume, or have something to hide. It is a sign that one should not stay.

Learn to give this massage

Naturally, when we have received several delicious real tantric massages, we may want to go further. It may be time to go to the other side and learn to give massages in turn. Magnificent is this intention to share, this desire to give what we have received precious. But beware, good intentions, if they are necessary, are not enough.

  • No more than you would like your body to be kneaded by someone clumsy, or worse, bad or careless, we suspect that you would not want to impose this on others. This is perfect, because the basic technique of tantric massage is not excessively difficult to learn and integrate. A few days or weeks of training may be enough to assimilate the basic sequences.
  • This relatively short time only concerns people already practicing other forms of massage, who have a good relationship with the body, and know a little about the art of touch.

But beware, this massage is like a subtle art. And like all art, there are amateurs, good practitioners, and those who master. We can here as elsewhere refer to the theory known as “10,000 hours” of Anders Ericsson, psychologist, known for having popularized the fact that in any field, artistic, sports, professional, 10,000 hours is a necessary scale of magnitude at the acquisition of the master’s degree. But more than in other fields, mastering the technique in this case is not enough. Tantric massage will bring into play with our partner being massed, our relationship to the body, touch, intimacy, sexual energy, and the sacred. That is to say if it is not a simple technique.

The Finer Options Now

Take the case apart from the couple. We can reasonably consider that the people in a couple who want to learn tantric massage to practice it together are already in a relationship at the heart of the intimate, share sexual energy as part of their sexuality, and that in the case where they want to share tantric massages, they are surely both in search of sacred. So, in this specific case, and only to massage each other, the technical bases of tantric massage can be a good start to enrich the life of a couple.


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