How to get summer holiday ready

How to get summer holiday ready

Road to a flat tummy

Having a flat tummy is one of the beauty goals a woman would wish to experience after childbirth. It is not only an issue for lactating mothers but also people with obese physical appearances and weight issues. Unfortunately, some people who try to work out and exercise to deal with big tummy problems don’t work for them. Putting yourself on a diet too, at times, may prove futile for trying to regain a youthful look. In this case, individuals may opt for a different way of dealing with the issue at hand.

One way of dealing with it is through the abdominoplasty. This is also known as a tummy tuck, which you can get abroad.

The procedure

Abdominoplasty is a surgical process with a high rate of success designed to sculpt an individual’s waistline and also make the stomach smooth. The procedure works to repair damaged and weakened muscles of the abdomen, making the stomach tighter for a more extended period.

The tummy tuck, in addition to getting rid of the excessive body fat, also removes the excess skin around the stomach area. It involves an incision made on the patient’s stomach from hip to hip and takes a temporary recovery period of close to three weeks. Permanent healing can take up to one year.

Besides the procedure’s high success rate, the prospective patient should take a keen check on the potential complications and the recovery requirements before engaging in the process of a tummy tuck.

Post procedure

A patient will have to take some time off work or from doing household chores to ensure a swift recovery. Engaging in strenuous physical exercises also needs to be postponed for a while. Fatigue, swelling of the incised area, plus soreness are some of the expected adverse effects during recovery. However, these effects are usual; hence one needs not to worry.

Once the surgery is done, some drains are put in the area to limit blood and other fluids from building up, ensuring a proper recovery of the wound. Abdominoplasty, however, leaves the patient with a permanent scar along the abdomen, which fades with time.

For other patients, liposuction can be a better way to remove small fat deposits from the stomach, hips, or even thighs. It is also a surgical procedure that involves the removal of fat deposits from the stomach or any other body parts. The midsection is made numb through an anaesthetic and then tiny incisions made around the region of fat deposits.

A thin cannula is moved beneath the area skin to make the fat cells lose. The surgeon then uses a medical vacuum to suction out some dislodged fat deposits. Liposuction works well for persons seeking to have a proportioned and flatter midsection. It may require that the patient undergoes several procedures of liposuction to achieve the desired outcome.

Liposuction does not involve too many risks as compared to abdominoplasty. However, both liposuction and abdominoplasty don’t solve the problem of excessive weight. After the procedures, patients who had weight issues retain the same weight.


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