How Undereye Fillers Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Dark Circles

How Undereye Fillers Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Dark Circles

‘Are you okay?’, ‘Do you feel sick?’; these are some of the questions my boss keeps asking me almost every day because I always look tired. Fortunately, her morning routine has changed ever since I have gone through sessions of undereye fillers.

If I were in her shoes, I would do the same for all my employees. After all, they are one of the pillars of a business after customers, so I understand her concern about me looking worn out even if I just got to the office.

When she called me one day to her office, I explained that I was not tired nor unhappy with my work. I only looked weary because of my dark circles. Since I developed a Korean drama addiction a few years ago, my dark circles have grown significantly darker and puffy.

‘Binge-watching has become my favourite pastime, and I often find myself sleeping late at night’, said my boss while I was panicking and overthinking that she would laugh at me. So when I heard her answer, I was in disbelief because there were no signs of dark circles, let alone puffiness in her eyes.

At Home Treatments? None Of The Work!

‘What is your secret?’; I bumbled this question without thinking. I told my boss about the home treatments I have done so far, from ice compress to eye creams, yet none of these work.

I am aware that my unsuccessful attempt to get rid of my dark circles may have been caused by not getting enough sleep. But what can I do? Time is precious. I always thought that sleeping more than 6 hours a day was not fruitful, so I spent my time doing various things (more binge-watching).

Before choosing medical procedures like fillers in Singapore, my boss felt the same about using home remedies. No matter how religiously she tried them, none of the home remedies worked. Everything changed for her when she tried undereye fillers, and the same thing happened to me.

Planning To Try Underye Fillers

My boss explained to me that undereye fillers are non-invasive procedures. It only involved injecting hyaluronic acid using a thin needle underneath the eyes, which was why I had nothing to worry about the pain.

While my boss shared her experience, she convinced me to try this dark eye removal in Singapore. Given that its effects can last for months, I could save more money by not buying concealers and other makeup to cover my dark circles.

Preparing For Saying Goodbye To My Dark Circles

The next day, I looked for the aesthetic clinic my boss recommended I go to and sought help for my dark circles. Despite it being my first time going to such a place, the aesthetician was accommodating in answering all of my questions about undereye fillers.

I noticed the results of the dark circle treatment in less than two weeks. My entire face brightens now that I no longer have bags underneath my eyes.

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Louisa Curry

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