Indian Skin Tones & Hair Colours

Indian Skin Tones & Hair Colours

We Indians have brown skin tones. Ranging from tanned to wheatish shade – brown is the dominant colour in every skin tone. In other words, you can say that Indians have a warm skin tone. so, what are the best hair colours in India? Well, the best hair colours always depend upon the way you are choosing them. If you know that you have a brown skin tone or undertone, you can select as many shades of brown and red as you like. Not only brown and red, but you can try any shade you wish to.

Now, there are instances wherein we see fairer complexions too. Yes! Majorly Indians have brown and tanned skin. But there are exceptions where we see some fair complexion. Such people have a cool skin tone and undertone. Relatively the shades also change. With cool skin tones, shades like pop red, purple, pink, etc., look absolutely amazing. Hair colours elevate your look and bring confidence to your entire appearance. Your hair looks much more healthier and thick once colours are added to them. Why?

It is because hair colours are a protective coating on your hair that prevents every kind of damage done to your hair. It also prevents and fixes your hair issues such as split ends, dandruff, breakage, etc. Now, when it comes to hair colours, it is essential that you select an organic hair dye. Well, what’s an organic hair dye? Organic or natural hair dyes are infused with natural ingredients that make your hair look lustrous and shiny.

Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo is one such hair dye that is enriched with Reetha, Shikakai, Vitamin E, etc., which nourishes your strands while adding colour to them. Normally, different hair dyes add colour to your tresses but in the process of colouring, your hair gets damaged to a large extent. These hair colours have ammonia in them which damages your hair to a point where there is no return. Thus, it becomes all the more important to take care of our hair and Godrej is the best option to do so.

Also, this organic hair dye is available in five different shades that are specially made to suit Indian skin tones. You can add other shades to it as well, but we are sure that the five vibrant shades are enough to give your hair a beautiful colour and smoothness. Now that you know the importance of natural hair colours, let us take a look at the best hair shades that you must try this year!

Best Hair Colours in India

People in India have warm skin tones and undertones. Thus, the shades are also warm and sweet. There are different shades that go with Indian skin tones because ranging from wheatish skin tone to tan – we have it all. Selecting the right hair colour as per our skin tone is extremely important. Below are some of the best hair colours that you can try in order to transform your look entirely.

  1. Bold Hair Colour

Bold hair colours like green, pink, purple, red, etc., are in trend and will remain a trend in the coming year as well. People with fair skin tone can go with this shade. With such bold shades, it is best to go with a two-toned hair colouring technique. The shades are intense and right on-trend. With a certain dimensional look, these shades give your locks an unconventional look. You can try and pair these shades with your natural black hair colour or go for completely two different shades. Try these bold hair shades now!

  1. Red-Brown Hair Colour

This year is all about blending different hair shades. Bronde hair shade is currently in trend. But why not try some red this time? This hair shade is a warm mix of red and brown that suits Indian skin tones. This hair colour enhances your complexion and makes your hair look absolutely amazing. Not only just appearance, but this hair shade adds a certain sense of depth and warmth in your locks that will make you fall in love with your tresses. Reddish-brown looks just like your natural hair shade. Also, this shade is best for brunettes. Try out this amazing shade and give your hair a stunning look.

  1. Two-Toned Hair

Do not misinterpret the two-toned hair colour as half and half! The two-Tone hair colouring technique is in trend nowadays. In this technique, you take up a hair shade concentrated in one area and colour the other area with another hair shade without creating an over-the-top look. For instance, you can pair blue hair shade with black. Naturally black hair can also be paired. You don’t have to go for two hair shades. Just take one hair colour and apply it in one area, i.e., you can try fringes, long flicks, etc. The two-toned hair technique will give a sense of excitement and fun to your locks without making them look absurd.

  1. Blonde Hair Colour

Blonde is a versatile hair shade that remains in trend 24×7. This hair shade looks absolutely amazing with all skin tones. Warm and olive-skinned people can definitely try it. This hair colour can be paired with black hair to give it a subtle and dimensional look. You can style your hair straight or in waves with this hair shade. Try out this hair shade and give your locks some depth and dimension while making your locks look absolutely gorgeous.

  1. Red & Blonde Highlights

Give your hair a deep red of cherry infused with blonde shade. Warm red shade suits with warm skin tones. Always remember that red hair colour wears off with time. Thus, you should use colour-safe products and visit the salon to keep the shade intact. The blend of blonde and red is not new. Both the shades blend effortlessly with one another and give your locks a beautiful shade. This hair shade makes your hair look dense and thick. The hair colour also reflects multiple tones as you go into the natural light. Style your hair in curls and give your hair a unique look. Try out this hair shade now!

  1. Warm Brown Shade

This is one of our favourite shades. The warm brown, of course, suits with warm skin tones. This shade is a beautiful shade that melts in your hair and gives your hair a deep sense of warmth. You can either go for highlights or global hair colour with this shade. Warm brown blends so effortlessly in your hair that it looks just like your normal hair. Try out this hair shade and give your locks a deep and dimensional look. We suggest you go for this hair colour at least once.

So, these are some of the best hair colours in India to try! These hair shades go with all skin tones, especially the warmer ones. Also, to colour your hair with all the shades, you must try Godrej Hair Colour Shampoo. This organic hair dye effectively colours your hair in just five minutes. Available in five gorgeous shades, this hair dye gives you the desired colour and nourishment. Try out the shades mentioned above and give your tresses a stunning look!


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