Is it good to remove whiteheads?

Is it good to remove whiteheads?

Skin is one of the first things people notice when it comes to looks. Having a good skin complexion with a radiant look is certainly a lot of people’s dream. Some are blessed to have a natural good skin that may not need any use of skincare products or treatment but let’s face the fact that most people do need to use skincare products or treatment to improve their skin conditions. In the past, to have beautiful skin was quite difficult as not many skin remedies are backed up by science and facts but modern world medicine has shown the many skin treatments available are much more affordable and accessible. One of the common skin issues that affects skin complexion is whiteheads and many may try to remove it. The question now is, is it good to remove whiteheads?

          Before answering that, what exactly are whiteheads? Whiteheads are a form of acne that stay under the skin. Since it appears beneath the skin, it usually appears as white bumps. Since whiteheads are part of acne, it appears on the sites where the sebaceous glands are in large amounts. The sebaceous gland produces skin sebum and oils. Whiteheads are developed when the sebum cannot reach the skin’s surface and become a clogged pore. As the sebum build-up within the clogged pores, the whitehead appears prominently. Whiteheads can be caused by many reasons apart from the increased sebum production. This includes androgen hormones or reproductive hormones that are increased during puberty or hormonal changes. Certain diet and skin care products may even contribute to whiteheads. Skin reaction towards perspiration and fabrics may also be the cause of whiteheads.

          Now that you have know a bit more of whiteheads and the fact that whiteheads are part of acne, you probably can guess by now if it is good to remove whitehead. The best answer is to avoid removing whitehead. Just as with typical acne you are familiar with, removing whitehead the wrong way can do more harm than good to the skin. This is because it could increase the risk for infection and scarring that makes the skin look worse than it was. This does not mean you should not remove whitehead but if you are really tempting to remove it, it is best to get it done by healthcare professionals. A dermatologist can help recommend the best treatment to remove whiteheads and even recommend treatments to prevent whiteheads from developing. Treatments depends on the person’s skin type and the severity of the whiteheads itself. Hence, it is best to work with skincare professionals to understand the skin type and what treatments can works best.

          Although, it is understandable that not all people like to meet dermatologists or skin care professionals due to cost or time restrictions. Thus, it can be very tempting and can be necessary for a person to remove the whitehead as soon as they can. If a person chooses to remove the whiteheads by themselves, it is important for them to make sure they are doing it as clean as possible and avoiding damages to the skin. This certainly means not to remove whiteheads by popping or picking it. Popping or picking whiteheads especially with fingers can transfer dirt and oil from the hands to the clogged pores of the whiteheads which leads to more whiteheads and may result in an open wound as it breaks the skin making the skin inflamed, irritated and possible scarring.

          If you still want to remove whiteheads by yourself, there are certainly measures that need to be taken when performing it. This includes cleaning the hands thoroughly, using small cotton or swabs to prevent the hand’s skin from touching the face skin, using the extraction tool by applying gentle pressure to both sides of the whitehead and stopping the pressure if the whitehead does not pop with the gentle pressure. Remember to rinse and cleanse the area after popping. Applying warm compress or using face steam can help soften the whiteheads and open the pores before popping the whitehead.

          If you are unsure whether popping using the extraction tool is suitable for you or using the extraction tool is difficult or causing discomfort, you may actually use skincare products containing anti-acne properties to help reduce the whiteheads. Look for ingredients such as retinoids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid. These ingredients should help to remove dead skin cells that clogged pores and remove the excess oil from continuing clogging the pores. To understand more about skin products that work best, you can always ask dermatologists or skin professionals for advice.

          It can be concluded that the best way to remove whiteheads is under the supervision of skin professionals. You can remove whiteheads yourself but with care and good knowledge of the skin emphasising on skin hygiene and safety. To help prevent whiteheads, use skin products labelled as non-comedogenic or oil-free, wash the skin with gentle skin soap twice a day, pat the face dry without rubbing it, remove makeup before sleeping and always avoid touching the skin unnecessarily, let alone squeezing or popping with dirty hands.

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