Peptides Specific to Bodybuilders That Help Improve Performance

Peptides Specific to Bodybuilders That Help Improve Performance

Bodybuilders use muscle-building supplements to stimulate muscle mass. Improved muscle mass helps them perform better. Some resort to anabolic steroids to build muscle mass apart from making dietary changes. But steroids are difficult to access and have some uncomfortable side effects. Another safer and legal alternative for bodybuilding is peptides.

Peptides to boost muscle mass

The prime role of our growth hormone (GH) is to stimulate body and muscle growth. Peptides are found to trigger the production of GH thereby resulting in increased muscle mass, athletic performance and promote fat loss. Peptides are a small chain of amino acids comprising up to 50 amino acids.

Peptides are naturally present in our cells and perform certain biological functions. These peptides are artificially synthesized in the laboratory and administered into the body to help with many conditions including boosting muscle mass. They are administered typically as a subcutaneous injection, nasal spray, applied as a cream or taken in oral form. It results in:

  • Increased lean muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Heightened energy
  • Better athletic performance
  • Faster recovery time

Popular peptides used by bodybuilders

Thymosin Beta 4: The TB 500 muscle growth peptide has excellent healing capabilities. It offers the same effects of GH growth hormone. Its molecular structure makes it very flexible and easy to travel great distances via body tissues. It is increasingly used by bodybuilders and athletes because of the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Accelerated healing in case of physical injury and acute or chronic pain
  • Higher endurance
  • Reduces joint inflammation

Thymosin Alpha 1: This peptide is secreted by the thymus gland and effectively boosts the immune system. It has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Endurance athletes and bodybuilders spend hours of practice before a big day. Due to its effects on the immune system, Thymosin Alpha- 1 increases endurance and improves overall performance.

Popular growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH)

GHRH boosts GH secretion and the duration of secretion varies depending on the peptide used. They deliver effective results only when administered a specific limit above, which there will be no changes in GH level. The popular GHRH include:

  • Mod GRF 1-29: It is used to increase the level of GH thereby aiding in muscle gain and fat loss. Its half-life is for about 30 minutes. It has a short duration of action and delivers better results when used in conjunction with growth hormone releasing peptide.
  • CJC-1295: This synthetic growth hormone increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. It has a longer half-life of 1 week making it ideal for those who’d rather not take peptides frequently.
  • HGH 176-191: Usage of this peptide results in noticeable muscle growth and enhances fat burning. It delivers anti-aging benefits due to the increase in IGF-1 level.

Growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP)

GHRP is better than GHRH in terms of GH secretion and hence GHRH is more often used in combination with these peptides for best results. The popular GHRP include:

  • GHRP-6: Aids in recovery and reducing inflammation. It is used for muscle building, anti-aging and weight loss.
  • Hexarelin: Hexarelin enables higher hormone release than the former peptide and aids with muscle-building and combating muscle problems that occur due to aging.

PEG-MGF Peptide

The mechano-growth peptide promotes muscle growth and muscle-cell production. It is ideal for use post-workout since it is effective in providing relief from muscle damage.

Buy peptides online from reliable sources if you are considering using peptides for bodybuilding. One cycle of peptide therapy lasts for about 3 months after which you’ll need to administer it again to reap its benefits. Your doctor would recommend a peptide based on your medical history and age.

NOTE: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Peptides are for laboratory research purposes only and not for human consumption.


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