Quick And Effective Tips To Store Cannabis Concentrates

Quick And Effective Tips To Store Cannabis Concentrates

The real secret behind the good long effect of cannabis concentrates is their consistent potency, aroma, and taste. 

But have you faced a lack of taste and potency in your cannabis concentrates over time? This can happen due to improper storage. 

If you’re using cannabis concentrates, it is essential to store them properly. This will save your money from any further wastage of your cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates such as oils, tinctures, etc., can be used to make edibles, use by vaporizers, and more. 

But, what if your concentration doesn’t finish in one session or a day? 

You obviously don’t want to lose your cannabis concentrates potency and aromatic compounds. 

The only solution is to protect your concentrates and retain their quality with proper storage. 

In this blog, we have covered up all the essential tips and ways to protect your cannabis concentrates, such as the use of glass jars, etc. 

So, let’s follow this blog for more in-depth detail. 

Tips to Store Cannabis Concentrates Based On Storage Medium


You cannot store cannabis concentrates anywhere. 

There are some types of cannabis concentrates, like shatters, that cannot be stored in glass jars. In contrast, cannabis concentrates like the live resin sauce can be easily stored and scooped out of such glass jars. 

Although, the ideal environmental condition for storing your cannabis concentrates is the same for all types of consistencies. 

Some of the most common types of storing mediums for your cannabis concentrates are:

Silicon Jars

These Jars are the most versatile and famous containers for storing cannabis concentrates. You can store any type of concentrate in these jars. 

These jars are made up of high medical-grade silicone that helps your concentrates to remain uncontaminated and hygienic. 

Silicon jars are best for your short-term usage. However, these jars are not air-tight, so use them for short-time purposes only. 

Parchment Papers

If you have got a stash left of shatter concentrate, then parchment paper is the ideal solution for you. 

This paper also helps you to make dabs at home with the rosin method. 

You have to cut the paper for the quantity of your remaining concentrate and fold it up to keep the extract protected from harmful elements like mold. 

You can keep the parchment paper with folded cannabis concentrate on a container to avoid any leakage. 

Freezing Medium

In a hot and humid region, you’ll need a refrigerator or freezer to retain the quality of your concentrates for the long term. 

You simply have to store the concentrates on a glass jar or parchment paper and keep it in the freezer. In addition, you have to ensure vacuum-sealed storage for no humidity contamination. 

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can put the stored concentrate jar or paper on a sealed bag. Also, remember to take the concentrate out of the freezer and keep it at room temperature before opening it. 

Glass Jars 

You can use any type of glass jars like a Mason jar or plastic twist top. It is advisable to use small glass jars so that there’s no space for air to enter. 

If you have leftover cannabis concentrate, say oleoresins, you can easily store and scoop it out from a glass jar. 

If possible, try to vacuum-seal the jar for retaining the optimum quality of your concentrates. 

Tips To Store Cannabis Concentrates Based On Storage Duration


Depending on the method of storage or storage medium, you can determine the duration of your concentrate storage. 

You will have to choose your storage medium accordingly to store your concentrate for days, weeks, or months. 

If you’re left with a large amount of concentrate stash, you’ll have no other option than to store it cautiously. 

Here are a few tips for storing your concentrates based on the storage duration. 

For One Week Or Short-Term Storage

If you want to store your cannabis concentrates for a few days or a week, use silicon jars or containers. 

This non-transparent optimal container helps you with the non-sticky storage option for concentrates like waxes. 

These jars store your concentrates for a few days or a week as they are not completely air-tight. 

For short-term storage, you need to keep your container or jar in a cool and dark place similar to a cupboard. 

For Two Or Three Weeks Storage

If you want to store cannabis concentrates for the medium-term, like a few weeks or so, you will need a little hard work. 

You have to store the concentrates in a glass container with an air-tight lid. If you have a large amount of concentrate to store, split them into different jars and store them in the freezer or a cool dark area. 

You can also wrap the concentrates in parchment paper and fold them up. Then, keep the pieces in a glass mason jar to avoid any leakage or humidity contamination. Store it in a cool and dry place.

Your concentrates will retain the same good quality even after a month. 

For Months Or Long-Term Storage

If you want to store your cannabis concentrates for several months or long-term, the solution is freezing. 

You can keep alcohol-based cannabis tinctures on a clean glass bottle for several months. If the alcohol percentage in the tincture is more or less than the average, it will affect the quality during storage. 

If you buy your cannabis oils or tinctures from a dispensary or online store, you will get a manual about its storage information. You can read that information for the best effectiveness of your storage.

Final Tip For Effective Storage


No matter what type of cannabis concentrate you’re using, storing them for the short or long term by freezing is the best possible solution. 

We have taken suggestions from the i49 cannabis seeds manufacturing company and gathered the details stating the importance of freezing. 

You have to be careful with the process of freezing, and if not done correctly, your cannabis quality will degrade. 

To avoid any risk or damage while storing your concentrates with the freezing method, follow these specific tips. 

Tip 1: Store Your cannabis concentrates like shatters, waxes, or oils in an air-tight glass container that can be kept in the freezer without any problem.

Tip 2: You can put the concentrates like tinctures in parchment paper, fold it up, and then put the paper in an air-tight bag. 

Now, put the bag in a vacuum-sealed container. Finally, place the container in the freezer as long as you want. 

Tip 3: The most important tip and trick in the freezing method are cooling down. If you want to use your concentrate after weeks or months, you have to take out the cannabis concentrate from the freezer.

Then, keep the frozen concentrate at the average room temperature until it cools down and becomes normal with its temperature.

This will help to prevent sudden moisture damage and keep the same effective impact on your concentrates.

So, from these comprehensive guides, you must have learned how to store your cannabis concentrates effectively and efficiently. 

Try to use the best quality storage mediums for optimal quality retention of your concentrate products. 

Follow these tips and methods to save your money from getting wasted unnecessarily. 


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