What Do You Mean By The Keto Diet?

What Do You Mean By The Keto Diet?

Ideally, a keto diet is a term used for a low-carb diet. The idea here is for you to understand that you need to get optimum calories from protein reside fat and not from carbohydrates. When you understand what is keto diet  (คีโต คือ  which is the term in Thai), you might also agree to the fact that you have to cut down on most of the carbs that are very easy to digest, like pastries, sugar, white bread, and soda.

The Working Of The Keto Diet

When you eat not even 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, your body will eventually run out of sugar or fuel that it can use easily. This takes around three to four days, and then you start to break down your proteins and fat for the energy that makes you lose weight. This is known as ketosis. You must know that the keto diet is a short-term diet focused on weight loss instead of any other benefits.

A keto diet might help you lose anywhere. Wait quickly, anywhere around three to six months. It is mainly because it takes several calories to change the fat in the energy instead of changing carbs in energy. It is just a high-fat or high-protein diet that satisfies you a lot, so you eat less.

Benefits Of The Keto Diet


The Keto diet helps you burn a lot of fat, so you do not store it, which means that your body needs or makes less insulin. the low levels help you protect against all types of cancer or even slow the growth of the cells that lead to cancer.

Heart Disease

It might sound pretty strange that a diet with a lot of fat can also increase good cholesterol and minimize the bad cholesterol, but the keto diet is just like that. The low level of insulin in this diet will stop your body from making a lot of cholesterol. It means that you are least likely to have any issues like high blood pressure or heart conditions. It also needs to be determined how long the situation will persist.

The most common side effects that you might go through when you go for the keto diet are indigestion, Constipation mild sugar. Rarely the low-carb diet can lead to a kidney stone or a high level of acidity in your body. You might even go through keto flu, which includes bad breath, fatigue or weakness

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