5 Total Knee Replacement Aftercare Tips In Singapore

5 Total Knee Replacement Aftercare Tips In Singapore

Total knee replacement in Singapore is one of the procedures used to treat osteoarthritis. Also known as arthroplasty, in total knee replacement, the damaged cartilage–a smooth substance that protects the end bones that meet in the knees–that surfaced is removed along with a portion of the bones. Metal components will replace the discarded cartilage and bones to ensure smooth gliding of the knee joints.

Your doctor may recommend total knee replacement in Singapore if you are experiencing severe knee pain when performing daily activities, chronic knee inflammation, and knee deformity.

Here are the aftercare tips for total knee replacement:

1. Medication

At the hospital, hours after the surgery, the doctor may prescribe you pain medication to manage the pain. They may also give you blood thinners to reduce blood clotting.

2. Ice and elevation

It is normal to experience swelling and inflammation in the knees hours and even days after the total knee replacement in Singapore. Besides taking anti-inflammatory drugs, doing the ice and elevation treatment can reduce the swelling.

Give your legs a rest. Make sure to elevate your leg above your heart while lying down in bed by resting your calves in a stack of two or three pillows. You can also apply ice for 20 minutes near the site but not directly on the skin. Put a cloth over your skin for protection. This tip is also applicable to ACL surgery in Singapore.

3. Home exercise

It is crucial to exercise your knees. Light and gentle activities will prevent blood clotting. Before you leave the hospital, a physical therapist may speak to you and teach you light exercises for your knees. The patient can also enrol in a rehabilitation programme.

4 Clean wound dressing

As much as possible, avoid getting your wound dressing wet, so be careful when doing the ice treatment. Change your wound dressing regularly. You can use clean water and soap to clean the skin surrounding the incision wound. Wrap it with a new bandage or wound dressing after.

5. Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food, such as fruits, vegetables, and proteins, can help speed up your recovery. Drink at least eight glasses of water. It is possible to experience constipation because of the drugs you are taking. You can eat fibre-rich food or ask your doctor for constipation management.

Apply these tips while recovering from your total knee replacement in Singapore.

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