7 Acne Treatment Facial Procedures to Expect

7 Acne Treatment Facial Procedures to Expect

Every facial treatment at aesthetic clinics in Singapore follows a set of steps, although each aesthetician has their style. The following are the seven fundamental steps every acne treatment facial follows after the initial consultation.

#1 Deep Cleansing

You do not have to opt to come to your acne facial treatment makeup-free. Your aesthetician will wash your skin twice to eliminate any signs of grime, oil, and makeup.

#2 Steaming

A unique steamer machine softens the pores and any clogs of sebaceous matter in them. It allows them to wash out more readily to prepare your skin for the facial treatment at the clinic in Singapore.

#3 Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating is essential in every facial, particularly in acne treatments. It removes dead skin cells and debris that can clog your pores.

#4 Extracting Blemishes

Extractions may not be a good part of any facial treatment at clinics in Singapore. Your aesthetician will physically clear your pores of blackheads and comedones.

#5 Applying Masks

Following the extractions, your aesthetician will put a mask treatment on your face. They will assess which sort of mask is best for your skin. It ensures you can receive the best results after your acne treatment facial.

#6 Astringent or Toner

Your aesthetician will apply toner or astringent on your skin as part of the facial treatment in the clinic in Singapore. The aesthetician will recommend a toner or astringent based on your skin.

#7 Moisturiser & Sun Protection

Moisturiser and sunscreen are the final steps for any facial treatment at clinics in Singapore. The aesthetician will apply a non-comedogenic moisturiser on your face, neck, and chest. Furthermore, the exfoliating treatment momentarily increases skin sensitivity to the sun, making sunscreen necessary before stepping outside.

Your aesthetician might provide you with the array of acne treatment products they use in the Singapore clinic for your treatment.

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