Can Amphetamine Stop Alcoholism?

Can Amphetamine Stop Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is one of the biggest health issues in the world. Every year lots of people die due to health issues related or aroused due to alcoholism. It not only affects the nervous system of the body, but the long term effects of alcohol also affect the internal organs of the body like the kidney, liver, intestine, and so on. To stop alcoholism and treat drug addiction, doctors use amphetamine heavily throughout the world. Here in this article, we are going to discuss amphetamine.

What is it?

Amphetamine is an artificial chemical substance. Most of the doctors use this substance to treat the problems of the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. Amphetamine provokes the release of biogenic amines from the storage areas of these chemicals into the nerves. These substances are basically useful in controlling the brain and nerves. They can control the hyperactivity and impulses of the nerves. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder needs this chemical, amphetamine for its treatment.

Uses of Amphetamine

  • Direct Uses

As per our previous discussion, we know that amphetamine is useful for the treatment of ADHD. But here the functionalities of this chemical don’t come to an end. There are various other uses of this chemical substance, especially in the medical area. People having narcolepsy and obesity use this chemical to get relief from depression and chronic pain.

  • Cognitive Uses

Instead of the direct uses, there are several other uses of this chemical in the human body. In the case of psychology, experts advise many people to take modest doses of amphetamine. Due to this, researchers found it really helps to improve cognitive skills and working memory. Not only this, but the amphetamine drug is also helpful in retaining memories of long term events, controlling the inhibition and attention. Scientists also found that low doses of amphetamine are useful to recall information and memory consolidation.

  • Enhancement of Physical Performance

Many people, especially the athletes use amphetamine to enhance their performance in the field. The increase in performance doesn’t occur as a sudden event, but it sustains for quite a considerable period. Doctors often use the oral doses of amphetamine to increase the muscle strength which in turn leads to the acceleration of physical performance and its duration. Basically, some athletes use this drug to avoid tiredness early even after hard work in the fields. But as amphetamine works as an artificial performance enhancer, thus without proper medical guidance, you can’t use it in professional sporting events as per the guideline by the highest monitoring body for anti-doping, WADA.

Side Effects of Amphetamine

Being an artificial chemical composition, it also poses serious side effects if you will use it uncontrollably. There are severe side effects manifestations of this drug.

  • Lots of cardiovascular side effects can occur due to excessive use of this chemical like hypertension or hypotension. In some cases, blood flow is reduced in the peripheral limbs like hands and legs.
  • Not only cardiovascular effects, but there is sexual dysfunction too like erectile dysfunction, prolonged or frequent erections due to uncontrolled use of this chemical.
  • Other than these abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea are also common symptoms.


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