How to Detect STD/STI?

How to Detect STD/STI?

Those who care for a healthy sex life must keep a track of STD (sexually transmitted disease) and STI (sexually transmitted infection). Modern scientific improvement has made it possible to perform an STD at home. It is easy and time-saving and saves your pocket too. It involves a self-collection of samples which may go wrong if proper instructions are not followed. Considering this risk more cautious people adopt the traditional in-office test to get an accurate result.

Before you jump on the testing idea you have to find why you need the STD test. You have every right to check it out of curiosity. But you should not neglect under the following circumstances.

  • Sex without protection or broken condom
  • If sex partner is changed or wishes to change
  • Symptoms of STD
  • If the partner is STD positive
  • A follow-up test of prior infection
  • Willing to have unprotected sex

The above circumstances apply to any form of sex be it oral, anal, or vaginal.

STD test calls for answering certain quarries. Some may feel little discomfort to open about a person’s life. For them home STD test is the best step.

Fully online test

Home STD is fully online which means you do not have to go in-person to a clinic. It maintains your privacy too. You can do it anytime anywhere. Before carrying out the test going through the instruction is mandatory. Every sample collected has to be handled as per instruction to avoid a misleading outcome. Once it is done drop it in the well-packed condition in a mailbox.

Online-to-lab test

If you are not confident about handling your samples you can submit them in the lab. For that, you need to contact a lab and buy the kit online. Collection of the sample will be your responsibility but testing will be done by professionals. This gives an assurance to accurate detection provided the samples were collected properly.

In-office tests are the most common type preferred by those who want to conduct STD tests under a doctor visiting in person.

What can be used as test samples?

Urine, blood, or oral, rectal, a vaginal swab can be used as test samples.

Result period

After conducting the test results are given within 2-5 days. In case of a fully online STD test, you are given guidelines. You have to apply your knowledge to interpret it.

Common STD/STI

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • Ureaplasma
  • Gardnerella
  • HVP
  • HIV


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