Is Tooth Abscess Regarded As a Dental Emergency?

Is Tooth Abscess Regarded As a Dental Emergency?

 We all know how having a great smile is important to become a charismatic person. According to research, most successful people have brilliant smiles, which have significantly helped them to impress others for the first time. But there are some specific conditions that can ruin your shiny smile and make it not as charming as you want it to be. Genetics, aging, and some unexpected dental issues are included in this category, and you really need to be knowledgeable to prevent these problems effectively and safely. Unfortunately, many are uneducated about common oral health issues, so they can’t find the best method to avoid them. One of the most dangerous problems an individual can confront is tooth abscess, which can become a serious threat to oral wellness. According to an emergency dentist in Hamilton, it’s a pocket of pus in your mouth that is usually caused by untreated bacterial infection. Keep reading this blog to understand why tooth abscess is a dental emergency and how you can handle it.

Two Types of Abscesses

1. Tooth abscess:

It’s also called periapical abscess, which affects the tip of your tooth’s root. The common reasons for this problem are dental cracks, fractures, chips, or botched previous dental procedures. These damaged areas let damaging bacteria enter the tooth and make it highly infected after a short period.

2. Gum abscess:

It’s also known as periodontal abscess, which impacts your gums. It’s so important to treat this condition before it leads to more severe complications.

Signs and Symptoms

· Temperature sensitivity:

Damaged or infected teeth are usually prone to hot or cold foods and beverages. It can cause a sharp toothache, which is very painful and annoying.

· Fever:

People usually neglect fever as one of the common signs of dental infection. It indicates your body fights against infection in your mouth.

· Swollen lymph nodes:

If it’s painful for you to open your mouth, you may have your lymph nodes infected as well as your teeth. It usually happens in advanced levels of tooth abscess, which is also complicated to treat.

· Redness:

If you notice your face is strangely swollen or red, it’s important to visit an emergency specialist as soon as possible.

· Foul smell:

If your breath smells bad even though you maintain a good hygiene routine, you should consider oral infection.

Danger Level

Many people don’t consider tooth abscess as a dangerous dental emergency. They are allowed wrong because this condition can develop into an advanced infection, affecting all parts of your body. It can increase the risk of jawbone and tooth loss in addition to causing general health issues.

Emergency Care

The important question is when to seek emergency dental care to preserve one’s smile. If you notice a few signs of tooth abscess, it’s better to make an appointment with your emergency dentist to increase your chance of saving your damaged tooth. When the infection is left untreated, it can become a dangerous health condition. If you still don’t know when is the best time to visit an emergency dentist, it’s highly recommended to take your regular checkups seriously. These examinations help you treat tooth abscesses in the early stages with the easiest methods possible.

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