Why Don’t Some Dentists Recommend Dental Bridges? 

Why Don’t Some Dentists Recommend Dental Bridges? 

Why traditional dental bridges are not good dental treatment for many of us? To answer this question, you must go to the dental clinic and get help from a dental expert. They mostly perform X-ray scans and decide the best dental treatment for your teeth. It is not good to have these dental materials for a long time, especially if different dentists have placed your teeth bridges. For example, these bridges don’t have high quality after 8 years because they may cause discomfort. According to an experienced dentist in Orangeville, the best method of finding the essential treatment is taking an X-ray scan. Sometimes, you have extensive dental decay or challenging disease under the teeth bridge. In this post, we will tell you about the harmful effects and disadvantages of Teeth Bridge. Stay with us for more information.


Why Dental Bridge Is Not Good Dental Treatment?

One of the central premises of a dental bridge, which even dentists don’t quite understand, is when you lose a tooth, the dentists will go in and take the back tooth behind the missing tooth and the front tooth in front of the missing tooth and grind those teeth down.

In the following step, the dentist will cement different dental crowns together on top of those needed teeth. Bridges seem like good ideas at first because the dentist can easily replace your missing teeth by anchoring to the 2 adjacent teeth so you can leave with the restored hole.

But there is a big problem in this process: the scenario of this treatment could be better. You will have different anchors or routes and replace them with unsuitable situations.

For example, you may need 3 resorted holes while the teeth bridge restores 3 holes with the materials of 2 holes. Or you may need 3 dental roots, while in this dental treatment, the dentist only provides 2 roots.

Don’t Choose a Dental Bridge to Treat Your Teeth

Based on many dental experts’ opinions, teeth bridges can only be good ideas for some. This dental treatment leaves the area very vulnerable to breakdown in the long term. Many dentists recommend patients to choose the bridges for a shorter time treatment.

The lifespan of these teeth bridges can be 5, 8, or 10 years, but they must go back to their dentist with more problems. Moreover, the teeth bridges may cause patients to lose another tooth because the surrounding area breaks down.

Generally, these bridges could be better dental solutions when you are looking to replace a missing tooth. There are other dental methods to experience; you only need to get help from your dentist and ask them about various available dental treatments.

It is an excellent idea to let your dentist evaluate your teeth specifically and give you specific recommendations that can meet your needs and requirements. In many situations, a dental implant is still the best choice for dental therapy.

The implant is a better bridge because you can replace the missing tooth with its own anchor or its own root and give it the best chance for long-term success. Finally, try to avoid bridges for treating your damaged teeth.

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