Longer and Harder Erection – Do The Following

Longer and Harder Erection – Do The Following

The problem with erection usually has something to do with age. However, in this time and age, even younger men start to experience erection-related problems. It is a multifactorial thing – diet, medical condition, and exposure to stress.

Some men resort to using prescription male enhancers with the hope of improving their penile erection. The problem with prescription male enhancers is they sometimes cause side effects, which can be fatal. Before you would resort to such measures, you might want to try vitamins for harder erections. Plus, you can also observe simple measures at home such as the following:

Keeping your weight within the normal range

Obesity can affect your sexual health. You will find it hard to achieve an erection. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your weight, keep it within healthy limits.

Maintain a normal blood pressure

Hypertension is linked with erectile dysfunction. Have your blood pressure checked regularly and if it is in the high range, then you have to exert measures to normalize it.

Watch your diet

Eat a variety of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. The types of foods you eat can greatly affect not just your physical health, but your sexual health too.

Perform aerobic exercises

Incorporate aerobic exercises into your daily routines such as running and cycling. It does not only help with erectile dysfunction but can also improve heart health.

Check your testosterone level

If the level of testosterone is abnormally low, then you could most likely experience problems with your erection. Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for men’s sex drive and libido. Age is the top reason why testosterone level drops, but diet, stress, and sleeping habit can make the T level drop too. If it is low, then you have to exert measures to keep it up such as living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, having ample sleep, and limit your exposure to stress.


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