When Must You See A Doctor For Herniated Disk?

When Must You See A Doctor For Herniated Disk?

 A herniated disk is a very common disorder in the spinal cord which response well to traditional treatment; gentle workouts for instance and over the counter drugs. However, some herniated disk problems might need you to read more (อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai) on how to fix them. They might even insist you visit a doctor soon to steer clear of severe and permanent nerve disorders.

Which Herniated Disc Symptoms You Shouldn’t Avoid?

Herniated disc symptoms are categorized under a broad spectrum. While sometimes the disorder might outcome in zero symptoms, most of the time the pain can spread and turn intolerable. But interestingly, most herniated discs don’t need you to undergo any surgery. However, herniated discs respond better to non-surgical treatments well.

Some herniated disk symptoms which indicate serious issues and demand medical attention are:

Loss of control of bladder, loss of lower extremities: All of these symptoms might be a cause of the lumbar herniated disc. It might also be a result of cauda equine syndrome which in turn is a rare but severe spinal disorder.

Loss of Fine Motor Skills and Weakness of Muscles: These symptoms can be serious warning signs of spinal nerve compression. In the worst-case scenario, the herniated disc is sufficient in compressing the spinal cord and this symptom is known as myelopathy.

Not only should you stay informed about these symptoms and read more about them but also schedule a doctor appointment. Apart from these symptoms, some other symptoms for which you must seek medical attention if:

  • Your symptoms worsen over time.
  • Your pain restricts you to perform regular activities.

Why Consulting A Doctor Is Essential When You Face Herniated Disc Symptoms?

Herniated discs can compress the spinal nerve and when they do so, it can either result in numbness or cause shooting pain. Other consequences of herniated discs compressing spinal nerves are bowel problems, weakness, tingling sensation, etc. The soon you treat the problem from a doctor and get it fixed, the better your chances of experiencing complete recovery.

While you can always read more about herniated discs, it is better than you seek consultation from a spine specialist when and if you face such symptoms.

Louisa Curry

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